Summary: Anatomy of a Miracle

Anatomy of a Miracle: 6 Simple Prescriptions for Transformative Healing is based on the real-life experiences of Dr. Scott Spann. In 1978 he broke Mark Spitz’s last standing world record and in 1980 was expected to qualify for the boycotted Moscow Olympics. Then in 2005, at the age of 47, Dr. Spann suffered a severe spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic.  But in January 2006, he donned his scrubs and returned to his life as an orthopedic surgeon. Anatomy of a Miracle traces Dr. Spann’s steps through his swimming years to the accident that changed his life, and then reveals each step of his miraculous recovery.

Following the telling of his inspiring story, Dr. Spann and co-author Joanna Cain, R.N., map out 6 “prescriptions” for creating an internal and external environment for optimal healing and lasting well-being. In this section Dr. Spann draws on his years as a competitive athlete, his expert knowledge as an orthopedic surgeon and his real-life understanding of debilitating injury and chronic pain to discuss topics such as integrative healthcare, energy medicine, stem cell harvesting, nutrition, supplements, powers of the mind and unharnessed capacities of the soul, and the roles they play in healing. Dr. Spann and Ms. Cain also address inner and outer roadblocks to healing and provide tools for overcoming them.

Anatomy of a Miracle provides hope, inspiration and practical guidance. With honesty and grace it delivers the message that even the most debilitating circumstances can be overcome and though life may still be forever changed, the changes themselves hold treasures of learning and growth.  Anatomy of a Miracle inspires readers through a profound example of one man beating the odds, and gives a gift to anyone living with pain, challenge or the desire to fulfill untapped potential.

For inquiries regarding Dr. Spann’s book, please email Scott Spann.

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  1. Matthew Strickland says:

    Hi. A close friend of mine recently had a motor bike accident and is now a quadriplegic. He is interested in buying your book. Could you please give me the details and how to make payment. We live in Australia so e mail is the best contact.

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