These programs are tailored to your individual audience, whether the general public or healthcare practitioners.

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These presentations are grounded in a microcellular level physiology. The disease profile and current technology are discussed, with an emphasis on where technology is headed and how it may benefit practitioners.

• Minimally invasive corpectomies

• Minimally invasive surgical approaches to the lumbar spine

• All forms of surgical treatment for both cervical and lumbar pathology

• Arthroscopic techniques of the shoulder

• Stem cells: FDA compliance in harvest and utilization

• Demographics and effects of spinal pathology

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"You were a hero and role model to me when I was growing up and you were swimming at Texas. Your life has been nothing short of remarkable both in and out of the water. I suppose that in high school I selected the right man to look up to then. And now I find myself doing the same thing all over again."

Professor John Kercheval
Georgetown University

"Scott Spann is on the leading edge of innovation, both as a world class athlete and as a surgeon. His work with patient’s own adult stem cells is a great example of his willingness to embrace innovation that is both efficacious and that demonstrates his ability to blaze new frontiers. As an early adopter of adult stem cell therapies, Dr. Spann has helped change the minds of his colleagues and the lives of the patients he treats."

Kevin Dunworth
Founder and CEO, SpineSmith

"Growing up you and a whole slew of Auburn and Florida guys were (my) swimming heroes. Your story, in (those) swimming days until now, is compelling and completely life-affirming."

Sam Juneau
TV and documentary producer