About Dr. Scott Spann

Dr. Scott Spann, board-certified orthopedic surgeon, autologous (adult) stem cell expert, former world-class athlete and recovered quadriplegic is an inspiring force and a living example of the transformative power of the human spirit. He is an innovator and leader in the worlds of minimally invasive spinal surgery and clinical stem cell use, as well as an advocate for the implementation of integrated healthcare.

Dr. Spann’s entire life has been about pushing the envelope of possibility and defying the odds. First, as a youth, he became a world-class swimmer in spite of hailing from a small Southern town with limited athletic facilities. During his years at Auburn University and the University of Texas, he broke five world records, including one of Mark Spitz’s. By 1980 he had made his way into the elite core of swimmers and was working towards his lifelong goal of attending the Olympic Games when the dream was thwarted by the political decision to boycott the Moscow Olympics.

It was at this point that Dr. Spann made a choice that would direct the course of his life, in ways he could not yet see. Disappointed and disillusioned, he decided to enter medicine, desiring a career aimed only at helping others and naively believing it far from the influence of politics.

Nearly twenty years later, Dr. Spann would find his love of sports and his significant knowledge of medicine colliding in a way that would ask him to defy the odds once more. In the fall of 2005, a cycling accident left Dr. Spann a quadriplegic. By harnessing his determination, competitive spirit and medical expertise, he forged a path to a recovery that has been called “miraculous.” Combining the best of western medicine with complementary modalities and embracing the support of family, friends and community, Dr. Spann walked into the operating room less than a year after his accident and began the journey back to reclaiming his work and his life.

Nothing, of course, would be exactly the same. Once again, for Dr. Spann, tragedy led to transformation. During his recovery, Dr. Spann began to research stem cells. At the time their use was brand new in the world of clinical medicine and not readily available to patients in the United States. But the deeper and deeper he delved, the more impassioned Dr. Spann became about the potential benefits of utilizing autologous stem cells. This, he knew, would reshape the possible. Since then Dr. Spann has become a world leader in the clinical use of adult stem cells, performing surgeries and providing instruction and consultations around the globe.

Dr. Scott Spann is living proof of what the body and mind can do when given the right tools and the opportunity. He believes in breaking down boundaries and passionately shares his knowledge, expertise, message and story, asking those who listen to join him in setting new horizons for what is possible in the world of health and well-being.

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“In September 2005, I was found lying motionless on the roadside, unable to move from the neck down. After surgery and months of intensive therapies, I was able to walk again, and in time, perform surgery. Five years later in order to celebrate my recovery I challenged myself, trained hard and completed a triathlon. Yes, impossibilities DO happen!”

Scott Spann MD