Quest for Wholeness: A year later….

Almost exactly one year ago in my Quest for Wholeness Blog, I encouraged you, the reader, to ask yourself which aspect of your being do you give the most attention? Which the least? In that blog, I confessed that I have neglected the spiritual part of my being more than the others (Mind & Body).

Funny how things change….

This year, circumstances have arisen that have required me to nurture and connect deeply with my spiritual core. By trade I am a surgeon, a doctor who heals physical problems. No medical training could have prepared me for the kind of healing I would need to bring to my family this year.

I have multiple roles in my family; son, father and husband. These roles are not static constructs but dynamic relationships that evolve over time. Although I have historically played a supporting role, supplementing emotional, physical, spiritual and/or financial needs, this year I have been launched into the role of “leader.”

To be the “head” of a family is more than a position of respect. It is not just a position requiring thinking, but thought. The head must feel not only for himself but have empathy for others. But perhaps most of all, the head of a family brings a center of peace for while things may not always be okay, our family will be.

I am grateful for my mistakes for they have made me wiser than had I lived a faultless life. I am thankful for the strength of body, mind, and soul wrought from overcoming the accident that could have broken me. More than anything, I am blessed to share these fruits with the ones I love.

Which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Steve Maraboli:

“You have been blessed with immeasurable power to make positive changes in your life.”

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